Painting and plating

Cation electrodeposition painting with paints that last long even under the sun

Aiei Sangyo has established several processes for painting to deliver the high rust-resisting performance demanded in the manufacture of automotive parts and components, and also performs plating. More specifically, the painting processes encompass spraying, powder coating, and cation electrodeposition. Cation electrodeposition is particularly resistant to rust, and we were quick to realize its value and acquire the necessary facilities. The advantages of cation electrodeposition painting include formation of a uniform coat of paint even on complicated details, prevention of painting omissions, reduction of paint loss, excellent resistance to corrosion, and excellent coat strength. Aiei Sangyo makes use of highly weatherproof paint to make the finish even more resistant to sunlight and fading. This is one of our key strengths, as the circle of companies using such weatherproof paint in Japan is limited.

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