Dies are the lifeblood for mass production with uniform precision.

Dies are first fabricated by machine and then finished, one by one, by the hands of craftsmen. The craftsmen smoothen the cuts and prepare surfaces for sure stamping of the materials. Metal is alive, and fine disparities unavoidably arise if crews go only by the theoretical values. Adjustment for these disparities is where craftsmen show their skill. It is said to take at least ten years to become a seasoned die-and-mold craftsman.

Once the grinding and polishing are completed, the parts are assembled to complete the die and mold. The assembly is then used to produce an actual item, check the precision, and make further adjustments as necessary. Even the dies and molds finished in this way can undergo change under the influence of seasonal temperature differences and wear from routine use. Crews consequently must not neglect maintenance chores to keep them constantly in the best condition. Dies are the lifeline for mass production of the ordered items with uniform quality. The craftsmen operating them pride themselves in protecting these lifelines.

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