We assure quality and mass production through anticipatory patrols.

The plant has separate sections for stamping, welding, painting, and assembly. We at the Quality Control Section support the assurance of quality in all of these processes. We make what we call “anticipatory patrols” to confirm routine process procedures in the aspects of both accuracy and efficiency. It is our mission to supply items meeting the requirements of customers with uniform quality. For this purpose, we periodically conduct training aimed at improvement of quality and are otherwise endeavoring to make our qualitative and quantitative assurances solid.

The inspection of first-time products is also part of the job of quality control. This amounts to a first check of items we will be producing for the first time. We check them against drawings and inspection standard sheets, to see that the results are satisfactory. We make trials for careful examinations to decide whether or not the items can be put through the line and mass-produced. The Quality Control Section also serves as a point of contact with customers and bridge with the plant floor. We also discern wants and needs from the customer’s perspective that are liable to be missed in processes. We assure mass production with no loss and of uniform quality.

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