Indonesia Project

Making the most of our store of technology on a new stage of fast-paced change.

In Indonesia, whose economy is rapidly growing, purchase of new automobiles for private use is expanding at an explosive rate. While many Japanese firms have opened plants there, what is most in demand at present is die-and-mold technology. Promotion of factory automation (FA) is indispensable for mass production, and firms have high hopes for the technical expertise we possess.

Judging that a production location in Indonesia, where Japanese auto brands are already established, would further advance our business, we made the decision to open a plant there together with an Indonesian partner. This plant is located to the south of Jakarta, and is slated to go into operation in late 2013 or early 2014.

Indonesia is in the midst of fast-paced change. There is a palpable increase in the number of high-rise buildings and road traffic with every visit. In the auto industry, Southeast Asia is projected to become a bigger market than the United States in the near future. We cannot help but feel joy in getting this golden opportunity to share this experience of booming growth in this country, which is brimming with a youthful energy. We are likewise convinced that, through the technology we have accumulated over our long history, we can make a return to the Indonesian economy with full consideration for the environment.

Partner in Indonesia GSS PT.Guna Senaputra Sejahtera

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