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Proven record for a wide range of products, from the smallest to the largest

Aiei Sangyo manufactures stamped parts and components for automobiles. Because we design our dies and molds ourselves, we can agilely adapt to processing needs for a wide range of automotive parts and components, from the smallest to the largest. The processing of automotive items requires sophisticated technology of all sorts, and is in this sense a crystallization of diverse know-how. Our long record of achievement in this industry is an absolute proof of customer trust in our technology and experience.

Aiei Sangyo’s end-to-end production extends from design of molds and dies to stamping, welding, assembly, and painting. We perform precision processing with shorter delivery terms, lower costs, and fine in-house adjustments.

Our processing capabilities include components with complex shapes; irregular-shape drawing is one of our fortes. In recent years, for example, we developed processing technology for high-strength high-tension steel sheet. The appearance of thin yet resilient new materials naturally requires new measures to handle them among processing firms. We take pride in the fact that we have always been able to produce items attuned to the needs of the times, thanks to our development of original technology. We are still taking up the challenge of technical innovation for tomorrow’s motorized society with vehicles that are lightweight, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly.
We also strive to make full use of networks in our region. We work with all sorts of firms in the Tsubame-Sanjo area to accommodate an even broader scope of products.

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