A long record of diverse achievement is the best proof of trust. Aiei Sangyo continues to take up new challenges with highly adaptable technologies.

The end-to-end character of Aiei Sangyo’s production makes maximum use of its technical capabilities. For customers, the benefits of one-stop services include shorter delivery time, lower costs, and flexibility. But for those receiving orders, the services require a fairly wide range of knowledge and experience.

For example, like houses built to order, each die and mold we make is completely different and fabricated to the needs of the particular customer. Our long record of diverse achievement therefore stands as absolute proof of our deep store of know-how and experience, and the trust placed in us by our customers. In our welding, assembly, and painting operations as well, we have pursued innovation after innovation in order to meet customer needs in both qualitative and quantitative respects.

When companies claim they can handle even difficult items, they will not be helping the customer out much if they add “provided that the type of difficulty is the same”. Besides surmounting difficulty, Aiei Sangyo aspires to a wide range and rich variety in its development of handling capability. A balanced assortment of facilities and corps of seasoned craftsmen to operate them are indispensable to this end. Machines and know-how—only when these two are present can a company meet the broad spectrum of wants and needs. The technical capabilities we currently possess have a considerably large scope of applicability. We are always eager to take up the challenge of new fields. This is because we are confident that we will definitely be successful in the end.

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